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We are a start-up documentary film production company which aims to produce a BBC style documentary which will change people’s attitudes and perceptions on global population.
A summary of background information of the film content is as follows. In August 1991 scientists meeting in Cambridge University concluded that the most sustainable population for this planet is probably in the region of 2 to 5 billion. This goal was very prophetic as anthropogenic global climate change and environmental degradation is now reported through the media on a daily basis.
This documentary film will not only cover the repercussions of overpopulation but equally importantly deal with the measures which will need to be adopted by governments in order to bring a clear-cut reduction in population in this 21st Century and beyond.
The primary aim of this documentary is to convince and educate the audience that population stability and sustainability could be more easily achieved if there was a global acceptance that the planet should set atarget of 2 to 5 billion.

These targets could only be achieved through hard work, global team man- ship, political awareness, advances in technology, education and media communication coupled with non-coercive women-centred voluntary family planning policies.