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Trailer film for the Taster Film scheduled to be ready for the COP26 In Glasgow Nov 21.

We are a start-up documentary film production company.

We aim to produce a BBC-style documentary which will change people’s attitudes and perception on global population.

The Title Of the film

“The World’s Last Taboo ; Overpopulation”
In August 1991 scientists meeting in Cambridge University concluded that the most sustainable population for this planet is probably in the region of 2 to 4 billion…

...this planetary goal of 2 to 4 billion was very prophetic as, at our current level of population, anthropogenic global climate change and environmental degradation is now reported through the media on a daily basis.

Indeed, the number of humans currently alive on this planet has already reached 7.8 billion and is still growing. The global population level could attain a staggering 10 or even theoretically 16 billion before it evens out.

In many parts of the globe there is now a growing awareness & overall perception of overpopulation. It is a stigma that few of us want to talk about let alone confront.

About the film

The primary aim of this documentary is to convince and educate the audience that population stability and sustainability could be achieved through global acceptance that the planet should set a target of 2 to 5 billion.

These targets could only be achieved through hard work, global team man-ship, political awareness, advances in technology, education and media communication coupled with non-coercive women-centred voluntary family planning policies.

A Short Documentary

World First Male Contraceptive Injection -Reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance (RISUG) By Dr. Sujoy K. Guha .

" If you feel that the world is overpopulated why not register your concern with us below: "

News & Newsletter

News Letter - October 2020

When our last news letter went out, I was caught in the Mumbai lockdown. Not much has changed; I am now in the midst of a similar lockdown in Jersey.



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