David R. T. Richardson

Because I was born and brought up on a small island constrained by its size and isolation, I realised from a very early age that understanding population size, its growth and how it is controlled is essential to the societies well-being and its environment. I went on to graduate as a Marine Biologist and it was whilst working as a research scientist in Africa that I realised that something needed urgently to be done to avert the impending looming global population crisis. Since that time, I have continuously taken an active role, both in my private and public life to promote population restraint.
Like many people, who have had the good fortune of a loving upbringing and a privileged education, I believe that I should do something to better the world going forward. It has always been my belief that the human race needs to co-operate internationally when it comes to population size. My aim is to raise awareness of the dangers of human overpopulation. This is the main purpose of this website and film(s) which the company (GUTS) aims to produce.

List of Activities Related to Population

1. Founder member of the Optimum Population Trust, active member and communicator and given the title of treasurer during the formative years of the Trust.
2. Organised Debate in House of Commons Committee Room 1993 March 21. Motion for the Debate; “Given that population is the greatest threat to the environment, what legal, social, environmental, economic and bureaucratic policies would be required to bring about a clear- cut reduction in population in the 21 st Century”.
3. European Society for Population and Economic, Budapest (Represented Cambridge University) Presented paper; “Optimum Population of the United Kingdom”.
4. Quoted in Cambridge Text book; Cambridge Modular Science Text Book, Ecology and Conservation, (Optimum Population UK). P 21, ISBN 0-521-421548-6
5. Co-Organiser of the 'First World Optimum Population Congress: held in Trinity College, Cambridge, England, UK, during 9 to 11 August 1993. Summarised by David Willey https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/environmental-conservation/article/first-world-optimum-population-
congress-held-in-trinity-college-cambridge-england-uk-during-9-to-11-august- 1993/64783E609A9CBF21F260EDDB21260E42Prolific
Presented Paper: “Optimum Population of the United Kingdom”
6. Organised many local functions in my home island of Jersey and writer on the subject of population in the local media “Jersey Evening Post”. https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/voices/comment/2012/03/13/throw-off-the-taboo-and-tackle-global-population/
7. Contributor to “Population Matters Magazine”. Letters section P 26: “The current migration crisis has its roots in population growth”. https://populationmatters.org/sites/default/files/0216.pdf
8. National Geographic Society Newsroom: “David Richardson’s uncomfortable climate change solution” https://blog.nationalgeographic.org/2009/12/14/david-richardsons-uncomfortable-climate-change-solution/
9. Populationcrisis.org: Author of the website which intends to produce a taster film(s) entitled “The
World’s last taboo: Overpopulation”