7.7 Billion and counting

Chris Packham presented the recent BBC Horizon Documentary programme entitled “7.7 Billion and counting”. It is a film which Population Crisis believes everybody on this planet should see this video.
I have the pleasure of announcing that the film is now available on Youtube as per the link above.
Population Crisis wishes that the BBC could translate it into many languages and send it out over every television channel. The programme content for this documentary is BBC at it best. Chis Packham is not only one of the best presenters since David Attenborough but he quite obviously believes in what he is presenting. Chris Packham is especially well chosen because he doesn’t have any children of his own and can still talk about overpopulation. The BBC managed to cram just about every aspect of the population problem into this one 60minute documentary. You could watch it 6 times over and still not get bored by its content.
Population Crisis would like to advise anyone reading this review to “Please look at this programme if you haven’t done so already”. You will not regret it.
Well done Chris Packham and the BBC and Population Matters! Let’s try and make this film viral and global.

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  1. David R Richardson
    March 17, 2020 at 12:13 pm

    If anyone knows how to get hold of this documentary, please could you post your answer to thiis comment box. Thanks

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